Record Your Thoughts & Save To Notion

Klarity takes your messy voice notes, summarizes them into clear text with AI and saves it to Notion

Klarity Works in 3 Simple Steps!

Instant Recording
Simply hit the record button and start voicing your thoughts using Klarity's intuitive web or mobile app.
Intelligent Summarization
No more messy notes! Klarity's AI-powered system transforms your voice notes into clear, structured text in seconds
Seamless Integration with Notion
Never lose a thought again. Every recording is automatically saved to your Notion workspace, creating a reliable backup for all your ideas.
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Discover the Benefits

Organize Your Thoughts

Overwhelmed with countless thoughts? Streamline them effortlessly with Klarity and seamlessly integrate with Notion.

Effortless Task Management

Ditch the mundane task apps. Voice out your tasks and have them summarized directly into your Notion workspace.

Elevate Your Brainstorms

Kickstarting a new project? Voice out your innovative ideas and collaborate on Notion for productive brainstorming sessions.


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  • 5 mins per Recording
  • 15 mins of Recording
  • No Credit Card
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Premium Plan


The perfect plan for "Ideas are bulletproof" believers.

  • 15 mins per Recording
  • Unlimited Recordings
  • Notion Integration
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